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Christ has come to teach his people himself!

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Jesus Christ is with us now.

His presence in the Spirit is as powerful and significant today as it was when the man Jesus existed two thousand years ago. He is the Light given to each and every human being that shows what is right and what is wrong. And he is the Power which enables us to do right and resist wrong. It is only by allowing his transforming power to act in our lives and becoming free from sin, that can we know true peace. It is only by people being inwardly changed that there can be true peace in the wider world. This simple, practical religion has been replaced by thousands of man-made religions where human activities and interpretations distract people from the living Christ. We believe anyone, of any faith, can know God’s saving power.

So it might be asked, why another religion called Quakerism is needed? As Quakers we point to the experience contained in our name. It’s a nickname from long ago that describes a body of people who quake because of the sheer power of Christ presence. It also tells of the inward, spiritual earthquake, where the “earth” of the old self is shaken and a new person is formed in the image of God. Our faith is devoted to hearing and being led by Christ so we worship in silence to give him our full attention. When he speaks he speaks to us as one people. Out of this has emerged clear instructions as to how we are to live our lives. The original insights of the Quakers are being recovered and small groups of people are discovering that when two or three gather in his name he comes among them - as he promised.

You are welcome to join us in worship either in person or through Skype. You may have an opportunity to hold worship in your area with other people. We will support and encourage you in this as best we can.

To receive more information email enquiries@quakersineurope.org You are warmly invited to join our meeting by Skype at ripley.quaker.meeting, every Sunday at 10:30am

NOTE: London Christian Quakers are no longer meeting at Bunhill Friends Meeting House. We are currently seeking a new venue. Do get in touch if you would like to join us in worship as meetings will occur in various locations until a new place is found. For more information call Simon Watson on 020 8469 2901

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